American Association of Professional Apiculturists

AAPA Student Paper Award Recipients


2004 - Nick Aliano
Strategies for Using Powdered Sugar to Remove Varroa Mites from Adult Honey Bees

2002 - Janisse Vailey
Impacts from Sweet Corn Pest Control Agents on Foraging Honey Bees

2001 - Selim Dedej
Interactions and Pollinating Efficacies of Honey Bees and Nectar-Thieving Carpenter Bees

2000 - Miguel Arachevaleta-Velasco
Genetic Analysis of Hygienic Behavior in Backcrossed Honey Bees

1999 - Not Awarded

1998 - Jamie Fisher
Effects of Tracheal Mites and Nosema on Commercial U.S. Queens

1997 - Timothy Haarman
Honey Bees as Indicators of Radionuclide Contamination