Kathryn Gardner

Kathryn Gardner grew up out side of Boston, MA and graduated high school from the Cambridge School of Weston in 1995. She attained her B.S. in Biology from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA in 2001. Her undergraduate thesis was titled “Experimental analysis of worker division of labour in bumblebee nest thermoregulation (Bombus huntii, Hymenoptera: Apidae), which was recently submitted to the journal Animal Behaviour. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in Entomology at Cornell University working with Dr. Nick Calderone and Dr. Tom Seeley. She began her graduate work studying caste determination in bumble bees, essentially addressing the question “what makes a queen a queen?” She is currently working on the dance language of honey bees and is revisiting the work done in the 1920’s by Karl von Frisch. She plans on finishing her dissertation, “Aspects of foraging in bees: Apple pollination, native bee populations, and the dance language of the honey bee” in August of 2006.

An article about Kathryn published in the Cornell Chronicle can be found at:

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