Apprentice Level 

The Apprentice Level Workshop series serves as an introduction to beekeeping for novice beekeepers and as a review for experienced beekeepers seeking a comprehensive refresher course and updates on the latest management techniques.
The series includes both a 2-day spring workshop and a 1-day fall workshop.
Spring Course    

The Spring Course is a comprehensive workshop designed to build basic beekeeping skills. The Spring Course focuses on starting with bees, beekeeping equipment and construction, spring and summer management, identification and management of bee pests, and basic bee biology. Participants receive a manual to complement the lectures. 

  • Classes run from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm each day.
  • Total: 12 hours lecture/discussion and 4 hours of field activities.
Fall Course    

The Fall Course is a continuation of the Spring Course and is designed to build additional beekeeping skills. It assumes a basic knowledge of beekeeping and bee biology obtained in the Spring Class. The Fall Course focuses on preparation for the fall flow, removing and extracting/processing honey, bottling and labeling, wax processing, identification and management of honey bee pests, and preparing the colony for winter. Participants receive a manual to complement the lecture.

  • Class runs from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm
  • Total: 6 hours lecture/discussion and 2 hours of field activities
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