Beekeeping Organizations

National Honey Board - links to other sites as well as good general information

The Eastern Apicultural Society of North America, Inc. (EAS) is an international non-profit educational organization founded in 1955 for the promotion of bee culture, education of beekeepers, and excellence in bee research. EAS is the largest non-commercial beekeeping organization in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

American Association of Professional Apiculturists

  American Beekeeping Federation
American Honey Producers Association - The American Honey Producers Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the common interest and general welfare of the American Honey Producer.
New York State Farmers' Markets

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets - Farm Fresh Guide
NY State Farm Fresh Guide lists nearly 2000 farms offering food, products, and services directly to the public.
 Association of Southern Maryland Beekeepers (Maryland)

Back Yard Beekeepers Association (Fairfield County, CT, Westchester County, NY)

Central Beekeepers Alliance (New Brunswick, Canada)

Cherokee Beekeepers Club (Georgia)

Connecticut Beekeepers Association

Durham Region Beekeepers' Association

Georgia Beekeepers Association

Golden Horseshoe Beekeepers Association (Ontario)

Grand River Beekeepers' Association (Ontario)

Heartland Beekeepers Association

Indiana Beekeeper's Association, Inc.

Indiana State Beekeepers Association

Maryland State Beekeepers Association

Massachusetts Beekeepers Association

Southeastern Michigan Beekeepers Association

Southwest Michigan Beekeepers Association

North Carolina State Beekeepers Association

Ontario Beekeepers' Association

South Carolina State Beekeepers Association

Tennessee Beekeepers Association

Vermont Beekeepers Association

Virginia Beekeepers Associations

Pollination and Bees- West Virginia University Extension Service

Beekeeper's Web Links - links to web pages about beekeeping

The Pollination Home Page - includes lists of people renting bees for pollination

Plans to build equipment and hives from

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