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Dyce Laboratory for Honey Bee Research, Teaching, and Extension - Cornell University

Washington State University - Apis Molecular Systematics Laboratory

CyberBee's List of Academic Entomology Departments and Programs  

News in Honey Research from the National Honey Board

B-Eye (See the world through the eyes of a honey bee)

View a slideshow of the Varroa mite (VarroaPop) populations in honey bee colonies. The program demonstrates how Varroa mites influence colony population growth throughout the year. You can change many factors through the menus in the model such as the initial population size, queen egg laying potential, and mite reproduction rates, so you can see how these factors influence both colony and mite population growth. Carl Hayden Bee Research Center.

Research Focus Articles - Popularized articles of current research publications relevant to the beekeeping industry and entomology.    

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